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WY™ has worked together with various initiatives and global partnerships since we started. Our globally inspired approach breeds activism and bold statements that resound globally, in the hearts of everyone who understands our mission. Since our inception, we have worked hard to cultivate an interpretation of design and style that correctly translates the hidden ambitions and the resilience and fascination of youth. Have a look at how WY™ has been featured in the limelight, in the news and in articles across the world:
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Wasted Youth on Grazia Magazine’s article “Explore Experiential Retail Pop-ups at Etisalat Market Outside the Box During the Dubai Shopping Festival”

Etisalat Market OTB wants to tap into the cultures all over the world and bring them to the Dubai Shopping Festival. To do so, they have decided to feature high-end products from local brands like Wasted Youth, Ekadot Boutique, and Cultural Couture. Each brings its distinct styles and brand codes to the table, making the Etisalat Market OTB an experience rich in aesthetic variation. From Wasted Youth’s casual leisurewear line to Ekadot Boutique’s relaxed Kimono styles and Cultural Couture’s vibrantly patterned garments, there are plenty of style options available for everyone. Whether you’re browsing through the stalls or entertaining yourself with experimental activations, it’s bound to be an entertaining time. » Read More